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The new ITAL G.E.T.E. plant was built according to the most advanced and modern architectural design, and is located in the pleasant and flourishing area of the Ticino Park, 30 Km from the center of Milan. It's structure stretches over an area of 15.000 square meters, 8000 of which are covered and accommodate the following facilities...


100% acrylic paint suitable for decoration and protection of all interior and exterior surfaces.


100% high-quality, acrylic paint suitable for the decoration and protection of all interior and exterior surfaces, covering surfaces with just two coats. One double acrylic paint = 2 cans of the traditional market spray paints. The use of this product has many advantages over normal spray paints on the market. ADVANTAGES FOR THE ATMOSPHERE: Less paint and solvents dispersed in the atmosphere, 20% of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) dispersed in the atmosphere, less waste produced. ADVANTAGES IN USE: Fewer coats needed for coverage: 2 intercross sprays are sufficient versus the normal 4 of traditional market spray paints. Double dry-surface thickness compared to traditional market spray paints. Greater protection against atmospheric agents, longer lasting. Greater Yield: 4.5 sqms of surface painted with one can versus 2sqms painted with traditional market spray paints. Lower costs, less time needed to paint (60% of normal time). Greater savings.



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