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The modern world demonstrates remarkable attention for the health of mankind and the protection of the environment.
Every country has passed and continues to enact laws aimed at reducing atmospheric pollution, making the environment more inhabitable and protecting the health of its citizens.
More than a problem of ethics, it is an economic reality. The considerable investments made worldwide in purification plants for waste water and systems for the filtering of gas emissions into the atmosphere are clear evidence of the importance given to the protection of the environment in recent years.
Acutely aware of these issues, ITAL G.E.T.E. has developed its production methods with every possible care given to the environment, doing so by:

  • utilizing propellants that do not damage the ozone layer

  • using risk-free, non-aromatic solvents for the dilution of our paints

  • using pigments that are lead free and contain nontoxic substances

  • using products in the operations of packaging and the finishing of our aerosols -cardboard boxes, plastic caps, cans- which are totally recyclable.

  • studying high performance products with low V.O.C. contents

Our waste is disposed of and recycled by specialist companies, as foreseen by regional and local laws.

Environmental Certification ISO 14001
ITAL G.E.T.E. is one of the few companies in the aerosol paint sector to have obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001, thus offering another important step towards the absolute respect for the environmente.


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