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The new ITAL G.E.T.E. plant was built according to the most advanced and modern architectural design, and is located in the pleasant and flourishing area of the Ticino Park, 30 Km from the center of Milan. It's structure stretches over an area of 15.000 square meters, 8000 of which are covered and accommodate the following facilities:

700 sqm occupied by the COMMERCIAL department (orders reception, programming, accounting department, head offices)
2000 sqm of the production area, which includes the PAINTS and AEROSOL units.
5300 sqm occupied by the LOGISTICS department, including: the raw materials warehouse, partly finished and finished products warehouses, both separated, in compliance with the ruling law prescriptions on behalf of safety, and the order preparation and delivery areas.

ITAL G.E.T.E. represents an effective example of how industry can merge with the surrounding natural environment, without altering or modifying it.


FOUNDED: Founded in 1985 by Samir Hamdoun, who after many years of experience in the aerosol sector in the U.S.A., decided to launch a similar activity in Italy, utilizing the most modern, sophisticated and advanced technologies in the sector.

EXPANSION: Throughout the years, the company has reached remarkable levels of market penetration in Italy, and is gaining considerable market share in Europe.
ITAL G.E.T.E was the first company in the aerosol sector to propose acrylic-based spray paint, which offers higher performance than synthetic paint.

DYNAMIC: Company business strategy is based upon the steady and continuous evolution of ideas and products, the aim being to supply clients with the highest quality standards on the market.

MODERN: Today ITAL G.E.T.E. can count on the most technologically advanced engineering control system, guaranteeing higher quality and service for an increasingly demanding market.


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