Code of Ethics
to act responsibly

EEquity, integrity, transparency, protection of people and communities, these are the key principles that must guide all our daily actions.
It is only in the respect and sharing of these principles that we think we can make our company even more successful. Together.

Giulia Lombardi
Ceo Ital G.E.T.E.

Let's start with the rights to take on obligations

As a company, as a community and as a person, we have a duty to act with full respect for human rights and the rules that protect them.

Charter of Ethics
Let's grow together

Work, legality, fairness and transparency are the core values we adopt as we strive towards to continuous economic and social improvement.

Code of conduct
We act responsibly

Each and everyone of us is called upon to act responsibly and consciously, in accordance with the values that the Company endorses at a day-to-day level.

Implementing and respecting the Code
We value every choice

Every action is a choice.  What we do defines what we are, in life, in society, at work.

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