Passion, competence, technology: three words to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated and diversified needs of our customers.

Our production plants were built according to the highest technological standards in terms of safety and production. We constantly invest to make sure that our products are always technologically up-to-date, thanks to the continuous evolution and modernisation of the production lines.

The paint department

We produce over 2 million kg of paints every year thanks to sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery, covering the entire demand of our activity. Our department is conceived to support utmost safety for operators and high production, as well as constant product checks.
Thanks to this choice, we guarantee custom formulas for various needs and offer flexibility and opportunities to the most demanding customers.

The aerosol department

Our aerosol department consists of three fully automated lines, in which human intervention and consequent possibility of error are minimised.
The “gas filling rooms” are located outside the department, in safe areas, while the deposits of propellants and solvents are completely underground as set forth by the strictest and binding laws.
Lastly, on-going line tests guarantee safety and the perfect suitability of bottles.