The history

We work with passion, competence and precision since 1985, year of foundation of the company.

Italgete was born from the impacting ideas of founder Samir Hamdoun, who decided to bring to Italy his extensive experience in the aerosol sector acquired in the USA to create a firm based on the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies.

Thanks to this vision and constant research, Italgete can now rely on the most evolved engineering and control systems through which it ensures outstanding and custom production intended for increasingly demanding markets in terms of quality and service. Italgete is ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

The global knowledge of markets, targeted studies, close collaboration between Marketing and Research and development Laboratory, allow conceiving, formulating and perfecting new products and aesthetics. Our goal is to supply multiple and different solutions to consumers who are choosing more and more, safe, easy and custom products.

We have been helping brands and companies for over twenty years, to deal with markets profitably and competitively.


Be a benchmark in the production of aerosol spray paints: a goal that for ITAL G.E.T.E. is renewed with the confirmation of two important quality certifications, awarded on the basis of an International Audit: quality of production processes and product standard (ISO 9001) and environmental certification (ISO 14001). ITAL G.E.T.E. believes its best results can always be improved upon by continuing to invest to obtain maximum quality while respecting the environment.

ITAL G.E.T.E. again received international certification for quality of production processes and product standards (ISO 9001) and environmental certification for the same (ISO 14001).