Our quality procedures pay particular attention to safety at the plant and environmental protection of the production site.

We established a specific corporate service to protect the health and physical integrity of our workers. We constantly improve staff’s safety and cleanliness of work environments through a series of initiatives and the engagement, participation and dialogue with our operators.

Careful checks

The pigments, resins, additives, propellants, bottles, caps, valves and all raw materials are tested to make sure they comply with specific defined standards.
Each paint batch – prior to being filled up – undergoes strict checks aimed at ensuring to the customer, compliance with the agreed technical requirements.
Our laboratory checks the following aspects constantly, against production counter-samples:

  • facility of use, adherence on various supports, re-paintability, chemical-physical resistance, outdoor resistance and stability in time.

Vertical integration

We know that the success of a spray paint does not depend exclusively on technological know-how but mainly on the use of an excellent base product.
For this reason, Italgete produces directly all types of enamels, paints and varnishes that it needs. Filling the bottles is only the final phase of an articulated process that begins from the selection of raw materials, study and formulation of various types of product